Warm Up This Winter with an Arizona Sun Spa Day

wdeditor 12/29/20
natural moisturizers

Down here in the Valley of the Sun, our winters are very mild. The brisk, 40 degree mornings are about as cold as it gets, which probably sounds wonderful compared to other regions of the country right now. Our founder, Robert Wallace, is originally from Michigan and remembers just how harsh the climate can be…

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Don’t Skip the Sun Protection and Skincare During Arizona Winters

wdeditor 12/25/20
sun protection

Stepping outdoors into an oven every day in the summer is a pretty good reminder that we need to put on sunscreen. When we get into our hotter temps, you can feel the burning without seconds of sun exposure here. Arizona natives and newcomers learn pretty quickly to always have sunscreen on hand and to…

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Why Endurance Athletes Need Arizona Sun Protection

Arizona Sun 12/10/20
sun protection

If you’re an endurance athlete, you know just how important sun protection is. Before heading out for a long run or ride, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you’ll get sunburned. Endurance athletes are especially susceptible to skin cancer, premature aging, and sunspots when spending so much time in the sun….

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What Makes These Arizona Sun Staples The Favorites of Our Founders

Arizona Sun 11/15/20
Arizona gift

Since 1982, Arizona Sun has been creating the most natural form of sunscreen products right here in Scottsdale, Arizona. The sunscreen and skincare business you’ve come to trust started in the living room of founders Robert and Ellen Wallace. Fast forward to today, Arizona Sun is run by Robert and his daughter, Lindsey Wallace. Over…

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